Protestors set fire to a part of Guatemala Congress building | Protestors set fire to a part of Guatemala Congress building

Guatemala City, 22 November (IANS). Protesters rallying against the approval of the 2021 budget set fire to a section of the Congress building in Guatemala.

On Saturday night, some protesters reached the headquarters of the Vidhan Bhavan and set fire to the office of the Congress building there, according to reports from Xinhua. Guatemala volunteers and municipal firefighters managed to control the fire.

According to pictures released by firefighters, the furniture of some Congress offices was almost completely gutted in the fire.

President Alejandro Giamatei condemned the violence, saying, “I reiterate that we have the right to perform according to law, but we cannot allow public or private property to be tampered with through this. Those who have taken part in these criminal acts will be punished strictly according to the law.

In the budget approved for 2021, spending on education and healthcare has been cut, this has caused considerable political tension in Guatemala. There is opposition to the increase of public debt proposed by the government in many areas. Vice-President Guillermo Castillo has been asked to resign.



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