Rocket launched from Gaza towards southern Israel | Rocket launched from Gaza towards southern Israel

Jerusalem, 22 November (IANS). According to Palestinian and Israeli security sources, the handmade rocket was launched from the Gaza Strip towards southern Israel on Saturday.

Palestinian sources told the Xinhua News Agency that rockets fired from northern Gaza on Saturday exploded in the border areas. Meanwhile, Israeli military spokesman Avichai Adrai said in a statement that Palestinian militants had launched a handmade rocket from the Gaza Strip toward Israeli territory. No one was hurt in this.

No Palestinian faction has claimed responsibility for launching the rocket. The military has said that in retaliation on Sunday morning, the Israeli army targeted several Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip.

The rocket siren was heard in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon on Saturday night and locals reported hearing the sound of the explosion. Police said a building in the city was damaged, but no injuries or casualties were reported.

Earlier on November 16, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that if rocket attacks continued in their home areas, they would attack heavily on the Gaza Strip.



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